Gatwick Parking

Are you planning a trip from Gatwick airport and need airport parking?

Some of you may not be aware that Gatwick Airport are currently upgrading their monorail service and have temporarily replaced it with a bus service.

This adds a little longer to your transfer between terminals and also, in my opinion, adds a little more hassle.

Instead of having to rush and add extra time in for your transfer, why not book a hotel for the night before. Remove all the trouble of rushing to check in. Many package operators will also allow overnight check in for early flights (such as TUI Thomson and Thomas Cook). This way you can relax and stroll into the airport and through passport control without too many worries.

Why not take a look at a couple of websites, the first is a website specifically offering Gatwick Airport Parking deals, which also displays hotel deals. The second is a hotel comparison site from which the information is obtained to supply the parking site.

Why not take a look


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10 Responses to “Gatwick Parking”

  1. Has anyone used the Russ Hill hotel nr Gatwick for car parking whilst on holiday? | Holiday Parks Uk Says:

    […] Gatwick Parking « Compare Weblog […]

    • compareandy Says:

      Hi there

      I know many people who have stayed at the Russ Hill, and have heard many conflicting stories regarding this hotel.

      I could give a long list of people who have enjoyed their stay, and alternatively I can also list people who did not.

      One of the many issues was the decor and aged look of the rooms. However, as far as I am aware, many of the rooms were re-decorated and upgraded to look better. The hotel still offers great value for money, think you just have to remember not to compare it to hotels which are double the price. It is still a budget hotel, although from what I hear, it is getting better. I would not cancel on the hearing of otheres reviews, again, as these are mixed I would still visit (it’s only one night) and see for yourself. And indeed, I would like to hear what you think too.

      If you do still use it, please drop me a line

  2. Tnelson Says:

    Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

  3. Cheries Dutton Says:

    We found this great company that provides Gatwick Car Parking. It makes travelling so much easier when you don’t have to worry about Car Parking. If you’re planning a trip i recommend you get in touch with them!

    • compareandy Says:

      Hi there

      I had a good look at this site, and agree it does look good and the prices are fair.

      However, I could not see anywhere on the site that actually told you where the cars would be parked whilst you were away. I have heard many horror stories and even a BBC documentary regarding meet and greet services.

      In my mind I would prefer a company that openly showed where the cars were parked, so that I knew they were fine.

      On the Compare Gatwick Parking website, there are some meet and greet services that do not list the locations of the car storage, but I would always go for ones I know where the car is. However that is only my personal choice and people should book where they prefer.


  4. Airparking Meet and Greet Says:

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  5. Airparking Meet and Greet Says:

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  6. Freya George Says:

    Well written, I was searching for gatwick parking and landed here.

    Meet and greet parking Gatwick south

  7. Perry Cole Says:

    If you are planning a trip you ought to a plan for your vehicle too. if inh case you dont ? meet and greet gatwick can completely help you with this matter.

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