Does the choice of a vehicle matter?


This is a strange question but a valid one.  I am driving a representative of one the planet’s biggest search engines, and I was asked which company vehicle I wished to use.  I instantly opted for the Alfa Romeo Spyder rather than the Ford Focus and was instantly ridiculed as being snobbish.

My personal choices had included a comfortable passage for my passenger but has also included the nice soft leather seats and decent air con unit, rather than the cramped interior of the Focus.

Was there an unintentional though of the importance of the passenger and picking a better car.  Personally I don;t think so.  I think most people go for comfort not looks.

It’s the same with cruise ships.  Some passengers will book a cruise, because they want a big name like Cunard so they can tell their friends, but many like myself, will return to the same ship or cruiseline, due to the comfort they received or indeed the destinations of the ship

I suppose at the end of the day, we all make our choices for our own reasons, and that’s what makes us all different.

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