A Sad day

Today, on the day of the funeral of Baroness Thatcher, My thoughts are with the family and also for the country as will will not see another great statesperson again.

My thoughts are also for the Falklands, often in our hearts, but Maggie was always there for her and its fitting they are playing a large part in her funeral.

Pity political protocol insisted that the ambassador had to be invited so she could make a show of declining, but glad the family insisted no invite to CFK.

In fact Argentina should be grateful to the “Iron Lady” for assisting in the downfall of the Junta, or did they really want it to end, makes you think.

My thoughts are in London and in the South Atlantic on this sad day.

One of the best quotes of the day was from one of her close friends, when asked what she would have made of the protests and people showing anti thatcher banners, they said she would have just looked and raised an eyebrow, but been personally happy, as it would have proved her right about how some people in this country have been brought up to act, that respect in our once great nation has weakened, personal back biting more important than standing together as a nation. She would have also been happy to see how even the Labour party have to accept many of the policies she fought to get in place, were needed for our country and have helped restore our country from the doldrums it was in.

She did not actually divide a nation, she inherited a divided nation and healed those parts that were able to use the help to heal themselves, but unable to just help those who just wanted constant help

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