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Elmo and the president’s wife

May 8, 2009

Following a tradition of first ladies, Michelle Obama has taken the trip (probably in her expensive pumps) to Sesame Street.

Elmo, the street’s lovable little red Muppet certainly had fun learning the value of eating healthy food and exercising with the first lady.


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Virgin Atlantic TV ad – 25 years, still red hot – how great is this?

January 27, 2009

Everyone must have now seen this advert.

Now, if anyone out there is my age group, (*blushes* as he reveals mid thirties), this advert is a cracker.

Whoever did the concept for Virgin Atlantic really did their homework. Right from the start, with the newspaper salesman with the obvious strike headlines, look to the back. Theres an old chocolate coloured Austin Princess and a Ford Escort estate. Even the bus looks correct.

As we step into the advert, have you sat and tried to spot every element from 1983 that you remember .

Come on, join in and highlight the items we really thought fab at the time.

Austin Princess / Escort Estate – outside
Frankie goes to hollywood – relax – soundtrack to advert
Mobile phone – inside
Cleaner with bright yellow walkman tape machine – inside
Kids playing on Asteroids – inside
Other machine is PacMan – inside
Our Price record shop – inside
Big country LP – outside our price
Proper Policemen without huge guns – inside
Wimpy- inside
A bender burger – ouside wimpy eaten by the guy with the NHS Specs
NHS Specs – when there was only one type of glasses from the NHS
Child with a rubic cube – inside
child with my little pony – inside
classic big box mobile yellow eletronic game – inside
classic flip boards rather than digital displays, with the clip, clip clip noises as they change – inside
Alannah Currie of the Thompson Twins – posing for photos in classic 80’s clothes (or a look alike)

So can anyone else spot more, come on lets break this down. Its a quality advert that should really be entered for the advertising awards. Visit Virgin Atlantic to see their site

Andy Skinner

Bring on the Trumpets

December 1, 2008


I am still laughing at this one


Leave Britney alone

December 1, 2008

Sounds familiar?

Well even I now feel that the media are unduly picking on Britney Spears. After her performance on the X-Factor was mimed. It’s strange how the brother and sister act, Same Difference, clearly mimed the week before.

In my honest opinion, many performers who put on a strenuous dance act will either mime or have backing support and a quiet copy running in the background as it would sound wrong for the gasps for air and other noises whilst a tough dance act is undertaken.

This, in no way, detracts from the live performances by the contestants on X-factor. What it indeed shows is how tough the training for them is. Britney has performed many live concerts in her career. We need to remember on how hard her journey has been back into the positive limelight.

The people who helped push her into the dark place she went, are the same ones who are doing it again. Does this mean we have become a country who only enjoy building celebrities up, only to laugh and enjoy their fall.


Is it just me who laughs at “Bring on the trumpets”?

October 13, 2008

I sometimes feel my humour is unique.  Some things I laugh at are wierd.  However, there is a new set of adverts that really make me laugh.

See the youtube version of the tv advert

Now this really makes me laugh

What do you think?




British bomber aircraft Avro Vulcan

September 3, 2008

If you can ignore the cheesey film

It has been posted on Youtube and would appear to be some sort of cold war information film for the Russians’ using old MOD film footage.

There is also an interesting soundtrack, including the Thunderbirds theme tune, it really made me laugh

It’s interesting




sex and the city

June 11, 2008

So come on, can someone actually tell me what the score is with the hype over this film.

I actually sat down and watched an episode.  I thought to myself, before I moan about it, let’s watch an entire episode before saying anything.

Well, some of you will have seen this episode.  Basically, the one obsessed with shoes, goes to someones babies birthday party, and has to take her shoes off (they are worth over $400) .  When she leaves someone has stolen her shoes.  Over the episode the girl keeps going back about her shoes and the mother on the child calls her obsessed and without a life.

Finally it ends where she marries herself and asks the mother to buy her the shoes as a wedding present.

The end

Well, the whole thing had no substance, was basically interspersed with sexual references.

Now, I am not  a prude, but I thought if it had been a programme based around guys doing the same thing, surely there would be complaints.

Oh well, but I can assure you, I am not going to see the film


Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like A Horse blogsite

June 10, 2008

I am shocked to have found this site.

I found it quite offensive, however, after a while of reading it, I came to see it for what it really was, an outrageous attempt to grab as much online space as possible.

It probably is successful, even I am now promoting it by writing about it here, a big hand clap to the media mogul who thought of it.  Well done.