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Elmo and the president’s wife

May 8, 2009

Following a tradition of first ladies, Michelle Obama has taken the trip (probably in her expensive pumps) to Sesame Street.

Elmo, the street’s lovable little red Muppet certainly had fun learning the value of eating healthy food and exercising with the first lady.


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The Dambusters, Ice Cold in Alex – The unforgetable films

February 9, 2009

I could not believe it.

The Daily Mail and Sunday Mail are giving away some of the most unforgetable films.

Take a look here

These films are part of our cinematic history and should be watched.

Andy Skinner

24 hour Vulcan Scramble

February 4, 2009
Help Save XH558

Help Save XH558

Father and Son, Robert and Steven Lowe, from Newark on Trent, have conceived a brilliant way of raising funds to help keep the Vulcan, XH558 flying.

The father and Son team, who will be accompanied by crew chief Taff Stone, have set themselves the target of visiting all 15 exisiting Vulcan airframes in and around the country within a 24 hour period.

They would be starting at East Fortune at 00.01 with XM597.

They will be joined on different legs by surprise guests and staged events to encourage them on their way.

Fellow club members will be acting as coordinators at each location, liaising with the museums involved, creating a presence on the day to welcome the team, as they stop by to change drivers, snap a picture and carry on with their challenge. Supporters will help explain the event and our plight to all the visitors, backed up with promotional posters and leaflets explaining the Pledge fund and the many ways people can help save the aircraft. With 850+ miles to cover, 18 hour 50 minutes journey time, it only leaves 15 minutes spare at each location – and that does not allow for traffic.

The time remaining, progress details and pledges or donations received, will be updated for all to see, together with links to partake in sponsoring of the event.

On the day, a central control room at Bruntingthorpe, “Scramble HQ” will track the team and give updated details as they progress along the route. Staff there will process Pledges collected en-route and enter onto the on-line system. You will be able to watch the progress of this event, add additional sponsorship or pledges and see the results as they happen. Official collecting tins and any donations received on the day will be added to the running total.

At all times, speed limits will be observed. It is the challenge and raising of public interest in XH558 that most appeals to the team.

By the early hours of Monday 23rd February, the club aim to have not only raised a significant level of interest, but a not too insignificant level of further funding!

But why should the public help keep this plane flying?

XH558 is the only airworthy Vulcan in the world. Restored to flight after nearly 15 years at a cost of £7million. She now faces grounding forever, unless an additional £750,000 can be raised in February enabling funds for another full air show season. Last year, she appeared in front of over 1.5 million people.
She inspires immense pride in all who see her. A full education programme is built around her, not only telling the story of the cold war era, but the value of science and technology in inspiring future engineers.
She was the “mother of concorde” – Can you help us save this iconic British Aircraft?


Cat with 1000 faces

January 30, 2009

I was looking at random cat videos when I came across this random video.

Watch the cat get more and more fed up with its owner behaviour. I predict a riot here later.

I wonder if they got scratched afterwards


Cat in the bath

January 30, 2009

Now you’ve probably read that and are expecting a cat sitting or going toilet in the empty bath.

Nah, that’s normal, no this cat is playing in a few inches of water and enjoying it.

Little fella really seems to be a happy bunny


Its a cat that thinks its a slinky

January 30, 2009

I know cats are mad but this one takes the biscuit.

Most will run up and down, and bite your feet, or steal your socks


Its 2009, so lets all visit the lolcats

January 16, 2009

With the credit crunch hitting hard and peoples moods being low, we should all visit the lolcats to cheer ourselves up.

Finding Jesus

Finding Jesus

It certainly makes me smile



Were the moon landings faked?

December 3, 2008

A keep hearing more and more people making comments about Man’s triumphant return to the moon.  However, I am really curious about if we ever did land on the moon.

Some issues still worry me.

Why did so many NASA Moonscape photos have non parallel shadows? sceptics will tell you because there is two sources of light on the Moon – the Sun and the Earth… That maybe the case, but the shadows would still fall in the same direction, not two or three different angles and Earth shine would have no effect during the bright lunar day (the time at which the Apollo was on the Moon).?

Why did one of the stage prop rocks have a capital “C” on it and a ‘C’ on the ground in front of it?

Who would dare risk using the Lunar Module on the Moon when a simulated Moon landing was never tested?

If the Rover buggy had been moving in one-sixth gravity, then it would have required a twenty foot width in order not to have flipped over on nearly every turn.  Yet the Rover had the same width as ordinary small cars.?

If the fabric space suits had a crotch to shoulder zip.  There should have been leakage of air.?

Let me know your thoughts.  Lets build a good list of positive and negative points, and really discuss this.


Bring on the Trumpets

December 1, 2008


I am still laughing at this one


Leave Britney alone

December 1, 2008

Sounds familiar?

Well even I now feel that the media are unduly picking on Britney Spears. After her performance on the X-Factor was mimed. It’s strange how the brother and sister act, Same Difference, clearly mimed the week before.

In my honest opinion, many performers who put on a strenuous dance act will either mime or have backing support and a quiet copy running in the background as it would sound wrong for the gasps for air and other noises whilst a tough dance act is undertaken.

This, in no way, detracts from the live performances by the contestants on X-factor. What it indeed shows is how tough the training for them is. Britney has performed many live concerts in her career. We need to remember on how hard her journey has been back into the positive limelight.

The people who helped push her into the dark place she went, are the same ones who are doing it again. Does this mean we have become a country who only enjoy building celebrities up, only to laugh and enjoy their fall.