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Where the Vulcan will be this year

April 27, 2009

Following the salvation of our only flying Vulcan XH558 by the public, The Vulcan to the Sky trust have published her performance calendar for 2009.


It would appear a shame that Paris has been dropped, but sill, at least we all get to see her flying.

Andy Skinner

Celebrities want the Vulcan to keep flying

February 11, 2009

In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, Sir Richard Branson, Frederick Forsyth and Robin Gibbtrio have warned that the maintenance of the Cold War bomber is essential for encouraging design and innovation among young people.

They are suggesting that the Vulcan is included in an extended RAF Memorial flight.

Read the full article here. Alternatively, you could visit the vulcan website and make a contribution there to allow the Vulcan to remain flying without Government intervention.

Your support is needed

Visit to see more


Virgin Atlantic TV ad – 25 years, still red hot – how great is this?

January 27, 2009

Everyone must have now seen this advert.

Now, if anyone out there is my age group, (*blushes* as he reveals mid thirties), this advert is a cracker.

Whoever did the concept for Virgin Atlantic really did their homework. Right from the start, with the newspaper salesman with the obvious strike headlines, look to the back. Theres an old chocolate coloured Austin Princess and a Ford Escort estate. Even the bus looks correct.

As we step into the advert, have you sat and tried to spot every element from 1983 that you remember .

Come on, join in and highlight the items we really thought fab at the time.

Austin Princess / Escort Estate – outside
Frankie goes to hollywood – relax – soundtrack to advert
Mobile phone – inside
Cleaner with bright yellow walkman tape machine – inside
Kids playing on Asteroids – inside
Other machine is PacMan – inside
Our Price record shop – inside
Big country LP – outside our price
Proper Policemen without huge guns – inside
Wimpy- inside
A bender burger – ouside wimpy eaten by the guy with the NHS Specs
NHS Specs – when there was only one type of glasses from the NHS
Child with a rubic cube – inside
child with my little pony – inside
classic big box mobile yellow eletronic game – inside
classic flip boards rather than digital displays, with the clip, clip clip noises as they change – inside
Alannah Currie of the Thompson Twins – posing for photos in classic 80’s clothes (or a look alike)

So can anyone else spot more, come on lets break this down. Its a quality advert that should really be entered for the advertising awards. Visit Virgin Atlantic to see their site

Andy Skinner

It must be a Concorde Day

May 9, 2008

With the Vulcan from Bruntingthorpe almost there, with its flight certificate, more and more attention is turning to The Concorde and trying to obtain her for flying display only, and not as a passenger plane or as a supersonic plane.

As the debate gets closer, and hopefully some demands will be made, lets reflect back on one of the best designs and ideas formed between the English and French.

Ironically, the Concorde was funded by British and French taxpayers. but sold for £1 per plane to Air France and British Airways.  British Airways, made the decision to ground her (albeit it through a subsidiary part manufacturer).   Many people are still of the opinion that someone like Sir Richard Branson should be allowed to save this plane for flying exhibitions, like he has assisted the saving of other great british icons.

Anyhow, lets look back on this beauty of the skies, thanks to more Youtube users.  And yes, its that song again, but it so suits the clips.  Watch for the noise of the engines part way through when the plane first went into service.


Who remembers the BA adverts?

May 9, 2008

If you ask this question, many people will say planes with the flags, others will say it had some south american type pan pipe music. Almost everyone will forget that most of BA’s adverts (should we say British Airways, as back then companies used their full names), featured a beautiful delta plane, the queen of the skies, Concorde.

One member of Youtube, has prepared a tribute to the graceful lady.


Well done Boris

May 2, 2008

Well done Boris for pulling it off in London.

Now at least London can pull its way away from the last 11 years of running at angles and start making at leat the capital great again.  Maybe the rest of the country will take note.

Now, I will be watching to ensure the iconic double decker buses are returned, and as a smoker I will be interested to see what is said about being allowed to smoke indoors at a pub.  (Remember Boris did say he was a non smoker and did not like it, but smokers should be allowed indoors under certain circumstances, well, lets have a vote or install some form of licencing, eh!).

The nexr part is to ensure Labour run the Olympic planning well so another pair of eyes which are not red  or red influenced will be great.

Now some public campaigns should also be started whilst we are on a role:-

Smoking in pubs
Routemaster buses back on London routes
Well planned Olympics

Finally, a air display planned for the Olympics to display english air greats as an opening act.

These planes should be

The Concorde (british and french design and still the best)
The Vulcan (test bed for the Concorde and still arguably the best bomber)
The Harrier
The Lancaster Bomber
The Spitfire
The Huricane
The Nimrod (the Nimrod would represent the first jet, Only the nirod remains as the military version, but this was the first British passenger jet)
The red arrows (of course)


Was there ever a blue Concorde? Yes there was.

April 11, 2008

People sometimes see photos of a blue Concorde and think it’s a fake.

Well take a look at this website.  It’s actually true.

Picture - Remi Dallot from the Concorde SST website

The Concorde SST Website

As you will know, I love the Concorde, and would love to see her flying again, even in a display environment and non supersonic.

As a supporter of the Vulcan, I know that the longer a plane is taken out of service, the more it costs to get her back into the air.

The Vulcan XH558 was on the ground for 14 years, and has now cost millions to get her back in the air, and she’s not certified yet.

As for Concorde, she’s still only been grounded a fraction of that time, and therefore we could possibly get her in the air again.  But it’s going to take action.  For someone to be brave enough to take on BA and win will take a special sort of person.

Speaking on behalf of all the Concorde fans i know,  I was hoping for Sir Richard Branson to achieve success in obtaining at least one plane, but this fell through.  It is such a shame as Sir Richard is probably the only hope for this plane this decade.  Imagine the sight of Concorde back in the sky, I would not mind even if she was painted bright red, as an advert for the Virgin Brand.  She would be back in the air where she belonged.

One of these days I will write a letter to Sir Richard, regarding Concorde, and the little known Corncorde B variant, whcih never got built,  but was bigger, had a longer range and was quieter and more fuel efficient.

I will have to stop here or I will go on for ever