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Sesame Street is 40

November 9, 2009

Well, who would think it. Sesame street is 40 years old this week.

As part of the celebrations even google search engine is helping spread the word with a whole week of google search cartoons incorporating some of the characters from the street, such as Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster and The Count.

There is also some very special guests including Michelle Obama again.

My favourites from the programe when it was on TV in the UK was The Count and of course the Cookie Monster.

The program was successful in the UK, but probably annoyed some adults when children started using amercian and spanish words for everday items such as water, insisting it was aqua, or indeed promouncing Zee rather than the English Zed.

The UK was not against the characters in total and over the years Sesame Street existed on various channels, however, it had no way of competing with the Muppet show, the stranger and less educational fun show, featuring a couple of the Muppets from the street but mainly a whole new crew.

Still, it’s something to ponder over.

What has this got to do with cruising?  With, we hope we can provide you with high quality information to help you choose a cruise that is perfect for you and not run by Muppets. Sorry, it’s a loose link, but hey, it works

Andy Skinner

Gatwick Parking

September 24, 2009

Are you planning a trip from Gatwick airport and need airport parking?

Some of you may not be aware that Gatwick Airport are currently upgrading their monorail service and have temporarily replaced it with a bus service.

This adds a little longer to your transfer between terminals and also, in my opinion, adds a little more hassle.

Instead of having to rush and add extra time in for your transfer, why not book a hotel for the night before. Remove all the trouble of rushing to check in. Many package operators will also allow overnight check in for early flights (such as TUI Thomson and Thomas Cook). This way you can relax and stroll into the airport and through passport control without too many worries.

Why not take a look at a couple of websites, the first is a website specifically offering Gatwick Airport Parking deals, which also displays hotel deals. The second is a hotel comparison site from which the information is obtained to supply the parking site.

Why not take a look


Compare Gatwick parking

September 10, 2009

Have you tried parking at Gatwick airport recently?, have you searched Google and been surprised at all the web sites out there that promise to find you great deals and prices.

Well there is another web site out there that does actually provide what it promises. is a website just about Gatwick parking. It has a simple to use search engine which will search over 8 different parking suppliers checking loads of actual car parking sites to not only find the cheapest option, but all the options, such as the meet and greet services, the on site car parks and of course the cheaper off site car parks.

The site does not charge commission and the price is the same as on the suppliers own website, so you cannot lose. All bookings are made with the companies concerned so you are covered for any problems too


Airport car parking experiences

August 13, 2009

Have you used airport parking recently? Did you enjoy the experience?

Was it good for you?

Was it good for you?

I am currently doing some research into how airport parking companies handle their customers. Compare airport parking works closely with 8 airport parking companies selling hundreds of car parking sites around 26 locations in the UK. As we are an independent 3rd party, we don’t often get to hear about the level of service they provided our customers or how the car parks looked and how the staff acted.

Many advertisements give a perfect impression of their services, whereas I am interested in the truth, warts and all. If an advert promised 10 minutes to the airport and its actually took 30, I want to know.

So, do you have any comments of good or bad stories, let me know.

Compare East Midlands Airport Hotels
Compare East Midlands Airport Parking

Book a Hotel Room with Free Airport Parking

August 12, 2009

Did you know that many Heathrow Airport Hotel deals include airport parking?

You could be tucked up in bed all warm

You could be tucked up in bed all warm

What this means is that, for the price of your hotel room, you get to leave your car in a Heathrow airport car park for the duration of your trip abroad. This can save you lots of money in Heathrow parking charges. And you can find that the cost of your Heathrow hotel room, with airport parking included, can be less than the airport parking charges would have been.

So, if you are flying from Heathrow, or any other UK airport for that matter, why not look out for hotel room deals that include airport car parking. To relax and rest before your flight, you get to stay in a nice, comfortable hotel room for the night before your flight and your car parking space doesn’t cost you any extra. This is especially good for those early morning flights.

Using our unique search engine, Compare airport parking allows you to search for the cheapest car parking at Heathrow. However, not only does Compare present you with the cheapest parking, but below this you will see what the cheapest hotel at Heathrow will cost. Sometimes the upgrade cost to a hotel with parking (rather than the parking choice you were looking at) will be less than £10. On other occasions this can actually cost the same or even less.

Take a look, you will be surprised

Compare Heathrow Airport Hotels
Compare Heathrow Airport Parking

Big hairy spiders

August 12, 2009


The big beastie with teeth

The big beastie with teeth

This monster was running around at work. As a self confessed suffer of arachnophobia, I was petrified when I saw this monster coming at me with his teeth all gnashing ready to eat me. Exaggeration, I know, but as a sufferer of arachnophobia this is really whats running through my mind.

Also take a look at the beast, being displayed by my wife (who was good enough to catch it and place it outside a long way outside, it certainly does look angry.

Although at Compare airport parking and Compare airport hotels, we cannot guarantee that there will be no monsters under the bed or running down the curtains, we hope our selection of parking with hotels meet with your approval and standards.

Compare Heathrow Airport Hotels
Compare Heathrow Airport Parking

Impressive wedding venue

July 22, 2009

Now I have an absolute love of Concorde.

I’ve often said how much of a shame it is for us to actually go backwards in innovation and technology by retiring her, but I am glad to see at least some of the Concorde’s are being looked after and available to all for a treat.

One of the more accessible Concorde planes is at Manchester airport. This is Concorde G-BOAC.

Here, the airport owners have not only given her a warm safe place to live but also made her easy to view and get into.

The stranger part is that she is actually a registered place to get married. Imagine explaining to your partner that you have booked the wedding venue and they find out it’s in a Concorde!. Well, I would be pleased of course, but I can imagine most people would flip.

Would you be thanked or never forgiven

Would you be thanked or never forgiven

In its time as one of the world’s most famous aircraft, Concorde G-BOAC played host to a succession of monarchs and presidents. Now it can be yours for the most wonderful day of your life – your wedding day.

Available exclusively at Manchester Airport, the flagship of the Concorde fleet is fully licensed for civil wedding ceremonies, enabling us to hold a very limited number of weddings and civil partnership ceremonies on board each year.

How cool is that.

You can read more about the Concorde at Manchester airport here

You can read more about getting married on the Concorde here

I only wish I was single again, I cannot even re-new my vows as that was done last year on a cruise ship.

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Compare Manchester Airport Parking

What shall I do now the Thomson Emerald has stopped sailing?

July 21, 2009

As many of my posts before have stated, I was devastated to find that Thomson Cruise had decided to stop chartering the lovely cruise ship, SS The Emerald.

Since the last cruise, which I was glad to be part of, I have been wondering what to do, should I continue to use Thomson Cruise, who indeed did offer a wonderful cruise experience, but had upset me with the removal of the Emerald from the fleet, or should I look elsewhere.

With questions such as these, I decided not to cruise this year but to spend some time in France and contemplate. however, the contemplation has gone, Thomson Cruise have announced that they will be chartering a new ship for a ten year period and naming her the Thomson Dream. At 1,700 passengers she is a little big for me, but hopefully the Thomson managed setup should help me get over this, and who knows, maybe she will become my newly adopted ship.

We shall watch this space.

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Compare Stansted Airport Parking

Its 2009, so lets all visit the lolcats

January 16, 2009

With the credit crunch hitting hard and peoples moods being low, we should all visit the lolcats to cheer ourselves up.

Finding Jesus

Finding Jesus

It certainly makes me smile



Airport Parking, do you need it?

May 15, 2008

How do you normally travel to the airport?  So you get the train, do you get a taxi?

Most people actually drive.

Now, did you know that you could actually save up to 60% by booking in advance rather than at the gate on the day.

Come and take a look at my website, it not only covers the actual costs of parking, but it will also show you, in relation all the companies involved, the types of security and distances.

Its not the most interesting thing on the web, but it could save you lots of money.