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Book a Hotel Room with Free Airport Parking

August 12, 2009

Did you know that many Heathrow Airport Hotel deals include airport parking?

You could be tucked up in bed all warm

You could be tucked up in bed all warm

What this means is that, for the price of your hotel room, you get to leave your car in a Heathrow airport car park for the duration of your trip abroad. This can save you lots of money in Heathrow parking charges. And you can find that the cost of your Heathrow hotel room, with airport parking included, can be less than the airport parking charges would have been.

So, if you are flying from Heathrow, or any other UK airport for that matter, why not look out for hotel room deals that include airport car parking. To relax and rest before your flight, you get to stay in a nice, comfortable hotel room for the night before your flight and your car parking space doesn’t cost you any extra. This is especially good for those early morning flights.

Using our unique search engine, Compare airport parking allows you to search for the cheapest car parking at Heathrow. However, not only does Compare present you with the cheapest parking, but below this you will see what the cheapest hotel at Heathrow will cost. Sometimes the upgrade cost to a hotel with parking (rather than the parking choice you were looking at) will be less than £10. On other occasions this can actually cost the same or even less.

Take a look, you will be surprised

Compare Heathrow Airport Hotels
Compare Heathrow Airport Parking

What shall I do now the Thomson Emerald has stopped sailing?

July 21, 2009

As many of my posts before have stated, I was devastated to find that Thomson Cruise had decided to stop chartering the lovely cruise ship, SS The Emerald.

Since the last cruise, which I was glad to be part of, I have been wondering what to do, should I continue to use Thomson Cruise, who indeed did offer a wonderful cruise experience, but had upset me with the removal of the Emerald from the fleet, or should I look elsewhere.

With questions such as these, I decided not to cruise this year but to spend some time in France and contemplate. however, the contemplation has gone, Thomson Cruise have announced that they will be chartering a new ship for a ten year period and naming her the Thomson Dream. At 1,700 passengers she is a little big for me, but hopefully the Thomson managed setup should help me get over this, and who knows, maybe she will become my newly adopted ship.

We shall watch this space.

Compare Stansted Airport Hotels
Compare Stansted Airport Parking

Virgin Atlantic TV ad – 25 years, still red hot – how great is this?

January 27, 2009

Everyone must have now seen this advert.

Now, if anyone out there is my age group, (*blushes* as he reveals mid thirties), this advert is a cracker.

Whoever did the concept for Virgin Atlantic really did their homework. Right from the start, with the newspaper salesman with the obvious strike headlines, look to the back. Theres an old chocolate coloured Austin Princess and a Ford Escort estate. Even the bus looks correct.

As we step into the advert, have you sat and tried to spot every element from 1983 that you remember .

Come on, join in and highlight the items we really thought fab at the time.

Austin Princess / Escort Estate – outside
Frankie goes to hollywood – relax – soundtrack to advert
Mobile phone – inside
Cleaner with bright yellow walkman tape machine – inside
Kids playing on Asteroids – inside
Other machine is PacMan – inside
Our Price record shop – inside
Big country LP – outside our price
Proper Policemen without huge guns – inside
Wimpy- inside
A bender burger – ouside wimpy eaten by the guy with the NHS Specs
NHS Specs – when there was only one type of glasses from the NHS
Child with a rubic cube – inside
child with my little pony – inside
classic big box mobile yellow eletronic game – inside
classic flip boards rather than digital displays, with the clip, clip clip noises as they change – inside
Alannah Currie of the Thompson Twins – posing for photos in classic 80’s clothes (or a look alike)

So can anyone else spot more, come on lets break this down. Its a quality advert that should really be entered for the advertising awards. Visit Virgin Atlantic to see their site

Andy Skinner

Ufo’s near Gatwick and Heathrow

July 8, 2008

Have a look at the story one of my guys has posted on the website.

It’s the second time in the last few weeks where UFO activity has been reported near our airports.  Are we being visited? Are aliens having a laugh at us for getting rid of our only supersonic passenger plane, or are they interested that we have a Vulcan flying again.

Who knows, the truth is out there, somewhere.

Take a look here