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Passenger Numbers Up At Gatwick

April 15, 2008

Passenger numbers at BAA Gatwick Airport have continued to grow as figures show 2.8 million passengers passing through the airport in March, a rise of 8.1% on March of 2007.

The figures also showed a continuation in the growth of passengers to and from Ireland with a growth of 44.8% with European scheduled traffic rising by 13.9% and European charter traffic rising by 12.4%. There was a decline in the domestic market by 3.4% with a dip in the North Atlantic market of 0.3%. Further long haul traffic remained static.

March also saw easyJet become Gatwick’s largest airline with 62 routes to domestic and European destinations. BAA’s UK airports handled 12 million passengers last month.

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A bit of fun regarding Heathrow Terminal 5

April 10, 2008

Now that BAA and BA have sorted (no pun intended) the baggage problems and the airport terminal is returning to normal its time to reflect and have a little fun.

Whilst browsing I found a couple of funny articles in The Register.

The poster has decided to re-enact some events from the chaos using Playmobil toys.

Obviously the scenes are exagerated. but they are worth a look and a smile.

You can view them under the following links.

Terminal 5 Chaos

Playmobil Security Check Point

lost luggage complaints: Shock picture

These were obviously created for fun.  Does anyone else know where there are some funny pictures using playmobil or Lego.  Let me know.


Naomi Campbell Banned From British Airways Flights

April 8, 2008

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I posted earlier this week that she had been in trouble at terminal 5.

Still, once again, hats off to BA and BAA.  It does not matter who is abusive or causing trouble, everyone should be treated equally.


A Heathrow Terminal 5 insider

April 8, 2008

If you are reading my blog and you are interested in Heathrow Terminal 5, you may wish to read this blog from a terminal 5 insider.

I was especially worried about the public announcements.

Read the blog here –

Heathrow Terminal 5 – baggage problems Naomi

April 4, 2008

Naomi Campbell was apparently removed from a BA plane at Heathrow Terminal 5 after she apparently reacted badly to the news that some of her baggage had been lost.

A BAA spokeswoman at Heathrow Airport said: “Police today boarded a British Airways plane and removed a passenger.”

Apparently, out of the two bags she checked in, one went missing.

Now, there’s a few points to look at here.

1)    It goes to show that the troubles faced at Terminal 5 are just as bad for famous people as they are for us mortals.
2)    It  shows  good spirit that the normal passengers, although upset have not reacted in most cases to violence.
3)    Even with the baggage problems, BAA are ensuring safety of passengers and staff is paramount.

Now, I’ve been critical of the way the Terminal 5 has been handled, but I have to admit, that even though the incident was caused by lost luggage, it still shows that BAA are also heavily committed to standards.  No matter who causes or commits any act against staff, police or property at an airport need to be removed.  Such is the case here, no matter who they are.

So from me, well done BA & BAA.

Read the BBC coverage here.

Terminal 5 ready for full flights – are we ready for more fun

April 3, 2008

BAA and BA claim that Heathrow Terminal 5 will be ready to handle all flights and baggage from Saturday.

Well, after previous events, I think the whole world will be watching.

In my own honest opinion, if it goes wrong again, the government must step in, to what has become a national humiliation.

April fools day

April 1, 2008

Well, April fools day has passed once again to the normal online fun.

There were stories about the space station running on an old version of windows and being un-supported.

There were also stories about the French president being stretched to match his wife.

Did you fall for any of them, let me know, it could cheer me up.  Just leave a comment below.  Perhaps we can all have a laugh.
I tried my April fool gag,  but no-one found it funny.  Mind you it was regarding luggage at Heathrow Terminal 5 so I cannot blame people for not laughing.

It just means that I have a year to try and think of something funny.

Heathrow Terminal 5 – baggage problems solved.

April 1, 2008


April fool

as if it would be sorted overnight.  Apparently some bags are being sorted in Milan as there is no room in Terminal 5.
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After I said it here first, Government willing to asssit Heathrow terminal 5

March 31, 2008

Only the other day, I said the Government should either take over or assist the sorting out of Heathrow Terminal 5.  Now it appears Transport Minister Ruth Kelly has said the government stood “ready to assist” should BA or BAA need help.

Well, having suggested this myself, I don’t think they should wait to be asked, I think they should go straight in for the good of the countries image.  And all costs should be charged back to BA and BAA, so that the taxpayer does not lose out again when BA and BAA make so much money each year.

I see even BA are worried how long it will take to sort as with Terminal 5’s problems have led BA to consider postponing the transfer of its long-haul operations at Terminal 4 to the new building, which had been scheduled for the end of April.

The passengers due on these flights are probably hoping this is the case too.

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BA say that the T5 baggage system is ‘working’, what about DNA from old pants

March 31, 2008

Well, I suppose they are right in saying that the system is working.  Unfortunately there are still thousands of bags outstanding at Heathrow T5.

Now, Call me sceptical if you want, but I gather that BAA and BA called in 400 staff at the weekend, solely to clear the outstanding baggage.  on top of that I gather more flights are still cancelled and there is still a mountain of bags left to be processed.

This still makes the UK look  really bad in the eyes of our European counterparts and the world.

On top of all this, some people are apparently being advised that they can claim on their insurance, for the bags.  Now, don’t get me wrong, but say you are coming back from honeymoon, and your dress is in the bags, you don’t want compensation, you want your dress.  What if your camera or memory chip is in your bag, all those photos and memories are lost.

BAA and BA will have to be careful, there has been times in the past when bags have just been gathered up and sent to auction after a certain time period, and the company claiming the owners could not be tracked.  Scott Mills from BBC radio 1, once covered a story about this and actually tracked down the auction house.   Now, there is nothing wrong with this, and its all legal, but I cannot think of anything worse than items of my clothing and other things I carry in my luggage being auctioned then pawed through by strangers.  And in the age of DNA fingerprinting, here’s a thought, imagine a pair of dirty pants, being in your luggage waiting to be washed when you get home, being auctioned as part of your bag.  Subsequently those pants being left at the scene of a murder or a rape!!.  Put’s you on the suspect list straight away.  Is this just me or am I talking sense.

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