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Heathrow Terminal 5 – baggage problems Naomi

April 4, 2008

Naomi Campbell was apparently removed from a BA plane at Heathrow Terminal 5 after she apparently reacted badly to the news that some of her baggage had been lost.

A BAA spokeswoman at Heathrow Airport said: “Police today boarded a British Airways plane and removed a passenger.”

Apparently, out of the two bags she checked in, one went missing.

Now, there’s a few points to look at here.

1)    It goes to show that the troubles faced at Terminal 5 are just as bad for famous people as they are for us mortals.
2)    It  shows  good spirit that the normal passengers, although upset have not reacted in most cases to violence.
3)    Even with the baggage problems, BAA are ensuring safety of passengers and staff is paramount.

Now, I’ve been critical of the way the Terminal 5 has been handled, but I have to admit, that even though the incident was caused by lost luggage, it still shows that BAA are also heavily committed to standards.  No matter who causes or commits any act against staff, police or property at an airport need to be removed.  Such is the case here, no matter who they are.

So from me, well done BA & BAA.

Read the BBC coverage here.

Terminal 5 ready for full flights – are we ready for more fun

April 3, 2008

BAA and BA claim that Heathrow Terminal 5 will be ready to handle all flights and baggage from Saturday.

Well, after previous events, I think the whole world will be watching.

In my own honest opinion, if it goes wrong again, the government must step in, to what has become a national humiliation.

April fools day

April 1, 2008

Well, April fools day has passed once again to the normal online fun.

There were stories about the space station running on an old version of windows and being un-supported.

There were also stories about the French president being stretched to match his wife.

Did you fall for any of them, let me know, it could cheer me up.  Just leave a comment below.  Perhaps we can all have a laugh.
I tried my April fool gag,  but no-one found it funny.  Mind you it was regarding luggage at Heathrow Terminal 5 so I cannot blame people for not laughing.

It just means that I have a year to try and think of something funny.

Heathrow Terminal 5 – baggage problems solved.

April 1, 2008


April fool

as if it would be sorted overnight.  Apparently some bags are being sorted in Milan as there is no room in Terminal 5.
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After I said it here first, Government willing to asssit Heathrow terminal 5

March 31, 2008

Only the other day, I said the Government should either take over or assist the sorting out of Heathrow Terminal 5.  Now it appears Transport Minister Ruth Kelly has said the government stood “ready to assist” should BA or BAA need help.

Well, having suggested this myself, I don’t think they should wait to be asked, I think they should go straight in for the good of the countries image.  And all costs should be charged back to BA and BAA, so that the taxpayer does not lose out again when BA and BAA make so much money each year.

I see even BA are worried how long it will take to sort as with Terminal 5’s problems have led BA to consider postponing the transfer of its long-haul operations at Terminal 4 to the new building, which had been scheduled for the end of April.

The passengers due on these flights are probably hoping this is the case too.

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Heathrow Terminal 5 – baggage problems

March 27, 2008

So BAA have invested all that money into a new terminal that is very high tech and will serve BA.

So I see on first day of operations they have already had baggage problems.

With these types of problems, it’s almost showing the rest of the world how poorly the British now undertake projects, you would think there would be some further calls to stop the monopoly by BAA and let some one else have a go at running a London Airport. We shall have to see. Hopefully these are short term teething glitches that will be ironed out over a period of time.  Watch this space.
BA will also be observed during this time of high media coverage.  As they have also been involved in baggage problems so this could also be a tough time for them if problems are not resolved.

Personally, I still wish BA would allow someone to restore a Concorde back to flying condition (non supersonic). After all, it was public money that paid for them pre privatization.  This is a personal bug bear of mine and I will talk about this at another time.

Read a story on it