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Well done Boris

May 2, 2008

Well done Boris for pulling it off in London.

Now at least London can pull its way away from the last 11 years of running at angles and start making at leat the capital great again.  Maybe the rest of the country will take note.

Now, I will be watching to ensure the iconic double decker buses are returned, and as a smoker I will be interested to see what is said about being allowed to smoke indoors at a pub.  (Remember Boris did say he was a non smoker and did not like it, but smokers should be allowed indoors under certain circumstances, well, lets have a vote or install some form of licencing, eh!).

The nexr part is to ensure Labour run the Olympic planning well so another pair of eyes which are not red  or red influenced will be great.

Now some public campaigns should also be started whilst we are on a role:-

Smoking in pubs
Routemaster buses back on London routes
Well planned Olympics

Finally, a air display planned for the Olympics to display english air greats as an opening act.

These planes should be

The Concorde (british and french design and still the best)
The Vulcan (test bed for the Concorde and still arguably the best bomber)
The Harrier
The Lancaster Bomber
The Spitfire
The Huricane
The Nimrod (the Nimrod would represent the first jet, Only the nirod remains as the military version, but this was the first British passenger jet)
The red arrows (of course)


Come on Boris!!

May 2, 2008

The rest of the country is waking up blue, the main focus now will be can Boris pull it off in London.

At least if he does we will not have to worry about the Olympic games being another Labour Farce, as the mayor is allowed to get involved directly.

Boris will also be able to lend support to David for the general election.

Next we need Boris to fullfil his pledges on the routemaster buses, adn then start on a campaign to get Concorde back to the public, and perhaps flying at displays and maybe the olympics.  They have the Vulcan practically flying now, and she was grounded for 14 years.

Come on Boris


The London Routemaster buses

April 7, 2008

Now, I’ve mentioned these before and I will mention them again.

Hopefully young Boris will become London Mayor and get these buses back on the road. Or at least a modern upgrade of the iconic London buses.

Take a look at the BBC website that gives a full rundown on the Routemaster bus and its past and maybe its future.

There is also a Routemaster association, with collectors of the Iconic buses, take a look, they have lovingly restored their buses back to immaculate condition.

There’s also some good comments on this page.

If it was up to me, I would bring them back for the whole of London.


Boris Johnson for London Mayor

April 1, 2008

Well, I’ve said it before.  If people want to bring the youth back to politics, bring in a figure that the youth of today can identify with.

Now Boris is not your typical politician.

Yes he’s Tory
Yes he’s got lots of money
Yes he speaks with a posh accent and is highly educated


He has been on “Have I got news for you” many times
He has made a flying rugby tackle on a German footballer, in a  football game
Is willing to listen to university students, their problems etc
Is willing to bring back the tourist favourites, the routemaster double decker bosses

Now is there anything else a Mayor for London needs.