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The Vulcan is not the only delta wing to be saved!!

May 7, 2008

Recently I have been concentrating on the Vulcan XH558, mainly because she is so close to achieving, what was once, an almost impossible task, of being returned to flight.

The one delta lady, queen of the skies, is of course Concorde.

Concorde has been retired from service for a few years now, but there are still thousands who love to see her flying again, not as the supersonic spectacular that she was, but as a display classic, displaying with the red arrows and other iconic classics such as the spitfires and hurricanes, icons that show the development and skills of the British planes building fraternity.

Now, the Vulcan was revived after years and years, as Concorde is more recently retired, surely it would be easier to return her to flight?.

To remind you of her timeless beauty I have found this clip on youtube. Watch and remember when Britain ruled the skies and had a plane to be proud of.