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Does the choice of a vehicle matter?

August 20, 2012


This is a strange question but a valid one.  I am driving a representative of one the planet’s biggest search engines, and I was asked which company vehicle I wished to use.  I instantly opted for the Alfa Romeo Spyder rather than the Ford Focus and was instantly ridiculed as being snobbish.

My personal choices had included a comfortable passage for my passenger but has also included the nice soft leather seats and decent air con unit, rather than the cramped interior of the Focus.

Was there an unintentional though of the importance of the passenger and picking a better car.  Personally I don;t think so.  I think most people go for comfort not looks.

It’s the same with cruise ships.  Some passengers will book a cruise, because they want a big name like Cunard so they can tell their friends, but many like myself, will return to the same ship or cruiseline, due to the comfort they received or indeed the destinations of the ship

I suppose at the end of the day, we all make our choices for our own reasons, and that’s what makes us all different.

What should I wear on a cruise?

August 11, 2012

Since the cruise ships first became fashionable, the question soon arose, “what should I wear”.  Back in those days, passengers would arrive at the dock with special “steamer trunks” designed to take a whole selection of clothes.

With the introduction of aeroplanes and long distance flights, cruising lost the need and interest of the masses, with passengers bound for America and beyond now travelling by plane.  The transatlantic steam ships became less attractive.

However, we have seen a resurgence of the cruise industry, the aeroplane did not destroy the cruise industry, in fact it had revitalized it.

Passengers now fly to faraway shores and board huge cruise ships, designed not to travel point to point at the best speed in comfort, but to sail around areas of interest whilst offering the passenger fantastic foods and extravagant shows.

However, as we are all aware, the restrictions on flight luggage means the modern cruise traveller has to be more discerning.  No longer can passengers take twelve trunks, more often they are restricted to one 20 – 25kg suitcase.

So whilst the plane has returned cruising to the masses, it has created a wardrobe dilemma, what should I wear on a cruise, especially as there is not much space.

Male passengers are fortunate as many other men will not compare clothes and spot a repeat selection.  Day time men are accepted in casual shorts and t shirts, or jeans especially if going ashore.  Some thought should be given to shore excursions if these include religious buildings or restaurants as these will have set dress codes.  Evenings, although Tuxedos are still seen on ships, these are often only worn on the formal nights and these are now becoming less common, as ships relax dress codes and some ships reduce or remove formal nights.  The best option for gentlemen is a good dark suit and shirt with tie.  Most ships are still smart after 6pm, and this will not look out of place.

Women are harder to consider.  Formal evening wear is nearly always a must, even on the more relaxed ships; many women prefer to dress up and why not, a cruise is the perfect place to show off a fantastic outfit or a new pair of shoes.  The problem is the weight and size restrictions will mean compromises, however some space savings can be made with wraps and cover up sarongs which can be mixed and matched.  The evening dress conundrum can be answered with some beautiful long cotton dresses (although care needs to be made on packing to avoid too much ironing on-board).  A good way to plan outfits is to think of what you would wear to a expensive restaurant in town.  A combination of separates creates outfits which can be mixed and matched, giving the illusion of a larger wardrobe plus plenty of lightweight accessories that will complement the look.

Why not take a look at My Cruise Wardrobe, they have an outstanding selection of outfits, both poolside and evening wear suitable for cruising along with advice.

Alternatively, you can visit to read more about various  cruise ships and cruise destinations.

Do prostitutes operate on cruise ships?

May 22, 2012

Well, it’s all change of direction for me.  The blog has not been updated for a while due to personal circumstances.

So, to start things back on the right track, I thought I would re-launch with a nice punchy subject.

Many people choose cruising as  a holiday choice for many different reasons, be it the constantly changing surroundings, or the lavish food and drink options.

Other people do not choose cruising, some from personal preferences, but unfortunately, some do not choose cruising due to misconceptions

The Website  offers a complete overview of most of the ships currently sailing and is due to also include previous favourite ships too.

The place you may want to check out is the help and advice.  The rather direct question of this blog post is actually answered on the site, here.

Sesame Street is 40

November 9, 2009

Well, who would think it. Sesame street is 40 years old this week.

As part of the celebrations even google search engine is helping spread the word with a whole week of google search cartoons incorporating some of the characters from the street, such as Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster and The Count.

There is also some very special guests including Michelle Obama again.

My favourites from the programe when it was on TV in the UK was The Count and of course the Cookie Monster.

The program was successful in the UK, but probably annoyed some adults when children started using amercian and spanish words for everday items such as water, insisting it was aqua, or indeed promouncing Zee rather than the English Zed.

The UK was not against the characters in total and over the years Sesame Street existed on various channels, however, it had no way of competing with the Muppet show, the stranger and less educational fun show, featuring a couple of the Muppets from the street but mainly a whole new crew.

Still, it’s something to ponder over.

What has this got to do with cruising?  With, we hope we can provide you with high quality information to help you choose a cruise that is perfect for you and not run by Muppets. Sorry, it’s a loose link, but hey, it works

Andy Skinner

Ahhh, what a nice description of my lovely old cruise ship

April 27, 2009

Visit this website, called cruise cyprus and hear how the locals are describing the age old beauty that is S/S The Emerald.

For years this was the most popular of the TUI ships and many passengers are not booking with TUI after their thoughts and feelings were ignored, when it was annouced that the Emerald would be dropped from the TUI charter list, even though she had two years left sailing before the SOLAS laws either stopped her sailing or forced Louis Cruise lines to refurbish her.

At the end of the day, its nice to see the old girl appreciated


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S/S The Emerald – the website is changing

February 9, 2009

Hello all SS The Emerld Lovers

I’ve been monitoring the Louis Cruise website, and can now confirm that the ship details have been changed to remove TUI from the charter list and the ship is now down as doign Louis mini cruises from Cyprus.

Still waiting for the cruise itinery to be finalised, but it can’t be too long.

Andy Skinner

Remember the Glory days of British Travel?

November 11, 2008

We already said goodbye to one of the greatest british travel and transport icons, Concorde.

Concorde was a design way ahead of its time. You knew you had made it, when you could fly across the Atlantic in Concorde.

However, there was another element of transport, the QE2, how many people could boast, they had flown supersonic to New York then sailed in style back to the UK on the QE2.? Not that many.

Now the QE2 is finally retiring, so this magnificent duo, are now both retired.

The question is, has the UK now retired?


QE2, goodbye, but wheres our stuff?

November 11, 2008

After some research, I had a look at what is actually onboard the QE2, the question I want to know, is will these be returned to Cunard or were they sold along with the ship. Of course these items do not belong to the British people, but as you will see from the comprehensive list (thanks to WIKI), there are alot which certainly mean something to the British people

The Queen Elizabeth 2 holds pieces of artwork, as well as maritime artifacts drawn from Cunard’s long history of operating merchant vessels.

Althea Wynne’s sculpture of the White Horses of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bronze busts of Sir Samuel Cunard (outside the Yacht Club) and Queen Elizabeth II (in the Queen’s Room).

The Princess Grill holds four life-size statues of human forms representing the four elements, done by sculptor Janine Janet in marine materials like shell and coral.

The Chart Room’s frieze was designed by Brody Nevenshwander, and depicts the words of T. S. Eliot, Sir Francis Drake, and John Masefield.

The Midships Lobby holds a solid silver model of the Queen Elizabeth 2 made by Asprey of Bond Street in 1975, that was lost until a photograph was found in 1997 that led to the discovery of the model itself, and its placement on the QE2 in 1999.

In “E” stairway hangs three custom designed tapestries, commissioned from Helena Barynina Hernmarck for the ship’s launch, that depict the Queen as well as the launch of the ship. These tapestries, which were originally hung in “D” Stairway, Quarter Deck, outside the Columbia Restaurant, were damaged, and one thrown overboard, in 2005, as mentioned in the Service history (above). They were originally made with golden threads however much of this was lost when they were cleaned incorrectly as part of the 1987 refit.

There are also numerous photographs, oils and pastels of members of the Royal Family throughout the vessel, and silver plaques commemorating the visits of every member of the Royal Family, as well as other dignitaries like South African president Nelson Mandela.

Amongst the artifacts on board is a set of antique Japanese armour presented to the QE2 by the Governor of Kagoshima, Japan, during her 1979 world cruise, and a Wedgwood vase presented to the ship by Lord Wedgwood.

From previous Cunard ships are a brass relief plaque with a fish motif from the RMS Mauretania, as well as an Art Deco bas-relief titled Winged Horse and Clouds, by Norman Foster for the RMS Queen Elizabeth. There is also a vast array of Cunard postcards, porcelain, flatware, boxes, linen, and Lines Bros Ltd Tri-anic model ships. One of her key pieces is a replica of the figurehead from Cunard’s first ship, the RMS Britannia, carved from Quebec yellow pine by Cornish sculptor Charles Moore, and presented to the ship by Lloyds of London. On Upper Deck sits the silver Boston Commemorative Cup, presented to the Britannia by the City of Boston in 1840. This cup was lost for decades until being found in a pawn shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia. On “2” Deck is a bronze entitled Spirit of the Atlantic which was designed by Barney Seale for the second Mauretania. A large wooden plaque was presented to the QE2 by First Sea Lord Sir John Fieldhouse to commemorate the ship’s service in the Falklands War.

There is also an extensive collection of large scale models of Cunard ships throughout the QE2

So, will we now only be able to see these in the Museum onbaord the hotel in Dubai, once again, answers on a postcard please


So long and farewell to the QE2

November 11, 2008

It’s a sad day not just for Southampton, but for the whole of the UK when we say farewell to the QE2.

Not only is it a sad day that this glorious cruise ship is sailing away for its last ever cruise, many of us are also sad, why once again, a company gets rid of such a beauty.  It’s also a shame that no UK investor decided to purchase the ship for a hotel, even though the business case has been proved by America, with the Queen Mary now resident of Long beach.

People wonder why the British no longer have an Empire, it’s because we do not want to take any financial risks or promote ourselves any more.

If you have a different view, answers on  a postcard please



That’s torn it

May 15, 2008

Have you seen the news today?  The new Cunard cruise ship, Queen Victoria, has had a little bump in Malta.

Unfortunately this has ripped a hole in the stern.

The ship will be inspected and hopefully repaired in Malta.  Passengers will miss one port of call but have already been informed that they will receive compensation by Cunard.

No-one was injured in the accident.

The Queen Victoria was one of the ships launched with a failed naming ceremony, thus keeping the myth alive that if the champagne bottle does not break, the ship will suffer problems.