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A Sad day

April 17, 2013

Today, on the day of the funeral of Baroness Thatcher, My thoughts are with the family and also for the country as will will not see another great statesperson again.

My thoughts are also for the Falklands, often in our hearts, but Maggie was always there for her and its fitting they are playing a large part in her funeral.

Pity political protocol insisted that the ambassador had to be invited so she could make a show of declining, but glad the family insisted no invite to CFK.

In fact Argentina should be grateful to the “Iron Lady” for assisting in the downfall of the Junta, or did they really want it to end, makes you think.

My thoughts are in London and in the South Atlantic on this sad day.

One of the best quotes of the day was from one of her close friends, when asked what she would have made of the protests and people showing anti thatcher banners, they said she would have just looked and raised an eyebrow, but been personally happy, as it would have proved her right about how some people in this country have been brought up to act, that respect in our once great nation has weakened, personal back biting more important than standing together as a nation. She would have also been happy to see how even the Labour party have to accept many of the policies she fought to get in place, were needed for our country and have helped restore our country from the doldrums it was in.

She did not actually divide a nation, she inherited a divided nation and healed those parts that were able to use the help to heal themselves, but unable to just help those who just wanted constant help


Have you considered the Argentinian political situation before choosing a cruise?

August 9, 2012

Sounds like a strange question.  After all, the last conflict with Argentina was over 30 years ago.  However, unfortunately, the Argentinian government are still, 30 years later causing problems for the Falkland Islands over their belief that they should hold sovereignty over the islands as they are closer to Argentina than to the United Kingdom, ignoring the will and rights of the islanders themselves.

How does this affect your choice of cruises? Well unfortunately Argentina has decided that they will block any ships using their ports if they have visited the Falkland Islands.  This economic blockade has already affected two cruise ships that visited the Falklands, before attempting to dock at Ushuaia, a popular destination based right at the southernmost tip of Argentina,  on the southern shore of the island of Tierra del Fuego.

The two cruise ships in question had to forgo any plans for this port and move on to Chile.

Many cruise companies will be adjusting their routes or making other plans, but it is worth bearing in mind that your plans may be altered at very short notice.  Both the ports of Ushuaia and Port Stanley are excellent places to visit, it would appear for the time being, cruises will have to visit one or the other.

The website has a brief highlight of both destinations for you to read further.

Firstly take a look at Ushusia in Argentina

then look at Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands

Whichever port you visit on your next cruise, you are bound to have a great time

Visiting the Falkland Islands by a Cruise ship

June 1, 2012

The ships had Already visitedIt’s not often, the Falkland Island’s issues affect holiday choices to most mainland UK people planning a holiday.

In reality, you could actually say that the last time there was an issue was back in 1982, when Argentina invaded the Falklands under their military Junta government.

However, that is over thirty years ago, so why would UK passengers be affected now, so long after the conflict.

Well, unfortunately, Argentina has effectively installed an economic blockade on the Falkland islands, in an effort to force the UK government to hand over the islands, into Argentine sovereignty .  Unfortunately for Argentina, the Falklands are self governed and have mandate from the UK to make their own decisions, and without being included in any conversations with Argentina, there will never be a discussion.

The passengers were only able to see this from onboard

Unaccessible land

The problem this causes, is that recently some cruise ships have been turned away from docking at Ushuaia, which is based right at the southern most tip of Argentina on the southern shore of the island of Tierra del Fuego.  Ushuaiais the furthest south town in Argentina and indeed the world, which makes it a popular destination.

Recently, the cruise ships, having already visited the Falklands, were refused permission to dock, leaving the cruise company in a position of having a ship full of passengers, and no place to land.

Luckily, Chile has always had good links with the Falklands, and the ships were able to dock  in Punta Arenas.

The two ships in question were the The Star Princess, Princess Cruise Line and the Adonia, P&O Cruises.

At the end of the day, although the passengers were offered a solution, it must have been upsetting for those passengers who wished to view Ushuaia, and who may have chosen that particular cruise just for that destination, just because of politics.  It’s also a shame for the Argentinian locals, who rely on cruise ship business for their livelihood and this was taken away from them.

In the future, whilst Argentina continues to undertake its economic blockade, potential cruises should be weighed up, would you prefer to visit the Falklands or Argentina, as it would appear Argentina are making you choose.  Alternatively, you could check that the cruise visits Argentina first, before the Falklands so you can do both.

Further reading on the matter of the ships being refused can be found here and here