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The Russ Hill Hotel at Gatwick

October 21, 2009

Some people are aware of the name by word of mouth, some are aware by previous stays, but how many of you have recently stayed at the Russ Hill Hotel at Gatwick Airport?

19th century architecture is obvious from the front of the Russ Hill

19th century architecture is obvious from the front of the Russ Hill

The impressive front entrance of the hotel is the first hint of a lovely old school type of hotel. This particular hotel is one of the “Life Hotels”, a collection of 3 star properties, each one is individual in character offering friendly and efficient service in comfortable surroundings conveniently located off major road networks, easy to find with ample car parking.

Rooms at the Russ Hill

The Russ Hill Hotel accommodation near Gatwick offers 130 Bedrooms including family rooms and Honeymoon Suites. Our 3 star hotel is located in a historical 19th century manor house and so each of our rooms is unique. Our hotel rooms near Gatwick are decorated with cosy wood panelling and fresh modern interiors.

The 3 star Gatwick accommodation features:

* En-suite bathroom
* TV
* Direct dial telephone
* Tea and coffee making facilities
* Hairdryer

Now, for a one night stay before disappearing from our shores on a plane bound for some exotic location, the overall look and feel of this hotel seems great. The prices for a one night stay with parking sound fantastic and are possibly some of the cheapest available in the area.

However, I want to know more about your personal experiences. Is the hotel as nice as it looks?, what are the rooms like?, what was it like transferring to the airport?. I am interested in all experiences good and bad. I am even planning a small trip up to the Russ Hill at Gatwick myself to have my own personal experience.

To book the Russ Hill hotel, or any other hotels at Gatwick, why not take a look at our website. You can search for both room only or with parking for the duration of your holiday, take a look at the prices, you will be surprised.

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Gatwick Parking

September 24, 2009

Are you planning a trip from Gatwick airport and need airport parking?

Some of you may not be aware that Gatwick Airport are currently upgrading their monorail service and have temporarily replaced it with a bus service.

This adds a little longer to your transfer between terminals and also, in my opinion, adds a little more hassle.

Instead of having to rush and add extra time in for your transfer, why not book a hotel for the night before. Remove all the trouble of rushing to check in. Many package operators will also allow overnight check in for early flights (such as TUI Thomson and Thomas Cook). This way you can relax and stroll into the airport and through passport control without too many worries.

Why not take a look at a couple of websites, the first is a website specifically offering Gatwick Airport Parking deals, which also displays hotel deals. The second is a hotel comparison site from which the information is obtained to supply the parking site.

Why not take a look


Need a good read on the plane or on holiday?

April 27, 2009

A few years ago I got hooked on an author whilst away on Holiday.

I was flying from London Gatwick to Corfu to pick up a cruise. To pass the waiting times in the departure lounges, I bought a couple of books. Typically, me being me, I left one at Gatwick as I rushed to get my plane. The second book was excellent, and I did manage to read it whilst relaxing. Usually I would leave my book on the cruise ship, as the Emerald (the cruise ship I used to sail on each year) had a nice little library of donated books, however, as this book was so good I intended to take it home.

As it happened, my wife thought I was leaving it, and took it out the bag and left it out for the cabin steward to remove. Typical.

Anyhow, I was trying hard to remember the author’s name. I could remember the characters. That’s where the power of Google steps in. I searched for the characters, and not only found the author but some second hand book shops where I could buy the books cheap. I was so happy.

As I type this, the first of the purchases has just been handed to me. “Precipice, by Colin Forbes“. If you ever want a book to read whilst waiting at the airport or whilst on the plane, I would take a look at this.

It’s a bit James Bond, but without the one man act. This is British team work at its best and I now cannot work out why no-one has ever made a film from the books except Avalanche Express, admittedly some of the older books would need a re-vamp due to technology changes, but thats all.

So next time i’m resting at the Gatwick Sofitel Hotel or the Gatwick Arora International Hotel (sorry I like my nice hotels) try Colin Forbes for a read. I must admit it almost took my mind off the flight.


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Are you flying from Gatwick Airport early in the morning?

April 27, 2009

Many people prefer to fly early in the morning, maybe it’s to numb those sense’s so the flight does not affect you so much, maybe it’s so you don’t miss to much sun time. Whatever your reasons for flying early, have you ever considered staying at a hotel the night before.

By staying the night before at an airport hotel, you can cut out a lot of the stress of airport life. You will not have to chance the road conditions on the way to the airport, although you will still have to get up early to check in, theres no 2am wake up and a 3 hour drive.

Two hotels that are often mentioned to me are the Russ Hill Hotel and the Gatwick Worth. Both of these hotels are 3 star but are lively and popular budget hotel’s and excellent value for money.

Why not treat yourself to an overnight stay and cut some of the travel worries from your holiday. You may also be surprised at the low cost of some of the hotels on offer.

Andy Skinner

Passenger Numbers Up At Gatwick

April 15, 2008

Passenger numbers at BAA Gatwick Airport have continued to grow as figures show 2.8 million passengers passing through the airport in March, a rise of 8.1% on March of 2007.

The figures also showed a continuation in the growth of passengers to and from Ireland with a growth of 44.8% with European scheduled traffic rising by 13.9% and European charter traffic rising by 12.4%. There was a decline in the domestic market by 3.4% with a dip in the North Atlantic market of 0.3%. Further long haul traffic remained static.

March also saw easyJet become Gatwick’s largest airline with 62 routes to domestic and European destinations. BAA’s UK airports handled 12 million passengers last month.

As passenger figures rise at airports across the country it makes more and more sense to book your airport parking as soon as you’ve booked your trip. The further in advance the more you stand to save when compared to expensive gate rates. Pre-booking your airport parking will also save you time and stress – no need to rush to the airport and search for a last minute space when you can arrive to a guaranteed space at a conveniently located car park.