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M20 and Operation stack

May 22, 2008

Well, i’ve had to scoot around a load of lorries today, especially the ones sneaking off at junction 11 to try and sneak into Dover via the back roads.

However, I’ve spoken to Seafrance today, regarding my early Saturday morning crossing and they believe that after todays workers strike and the fishermen gradually returning to their nets, the crossing on Saturday should be ok and running as per timetable.

Well, if that’s the French bit sorted, let’s hope mother nature decides to hold in the rain and storms till after I have crossed the channel eh!!

A note on the sour side though, the French fishermen were on strike about the cost of diesel and how if affects their livelihood.  Now on first look, you would accept that times are hard, and our fishermen should go for some sort of assistance and not blame them at all.

However, when you look more closely and you find that the fishermen had already received a economic grant to be spread over three years,  and in fact they are striking because they want it sooner.  You really begin to get annoyed, especially when it’s usually European money (i.e our money) that is given to the French fishermen, to keep them in a job and undermine the British fishermen, with the money we contribute.!! Now that is wrong.

Our Government should fight to get our fishermen discounts on fuel, or we should seal our borders from French and Spanish fishermen, scooping up our managed stocks whereas for years, they took all the fish, even the baby ones, and said they were cultural national dishes.

M20 get’s operation Stack again

May 21, 2008

Well, what can I say.  The sun is out Summer is appraoching, there’s a Bank Holiday coming up, so what’s missing.

Well, there’s two things.

Firstly, the rain.  Well thats planned for the weekend and the Bank Holiday, so that’s normal.

Secondly, French fishermen on strike and Operation Stack being put in place on the M20, ruining my day.

Well, funny enough, it’s been annouced that the Port of Dover is closed due to French fishermen.  It’s only a matter of time until the M20 becomes a car park.

What makes matters worse is that I am due to go to my little house in France.

The Irony of this is that I was planning to go to France a month or so ago and SeaFrance went on strike, causing chaos.

I’m thinking that maybe we need to somehow buy the French side of the channel to avoid all these problems or re-open the Folkestone – Bolougne route.


Operation Stack on the M20

April 2, 2008

Now, no matter where in the country you live, you must have heard of operation stack.

To give a brief rundown on Operation Stack.  Basically when there are problems in the cross channel traffic, be this bad weather affecting the ferries, problems with the Channel Tunnel, whatever the situation, when there looks like there will be a large amount of lorries that cannot reach France, Kent Police annouce Operation Stack and one section of the M20 motorway, is closed and turned into a huge lorry park.

If the situation continues another section of the M20 motorway is closed, uniquely called phase 2.

During these closures, it becomes hellish to travel anywhere through Kent.  The residents are very badly hit, but also anyone trying to travel through for other reasons.

Finally a solution has been proposed, to use some farming land, near a electrical substation, to turn into a large lorry park, so the lorries can be taken off the road and facilities provided to them, rather than costing the taxpayers millions through police bills and other expenses and motorway gridlock.

Now, being a kent resident, but also a M20 user, I have been made aware of this petition.  Please feel free to sign it and help keep out motorways open.

It’s funny, I promote parking at airports, but did not think I would ever promote motorway parking, lol

Ferrari Formula one car in a shell motorway service station

April 1, 2008

What a shock today.

When you are pulling in to get fuel at a service station, you do not expect to see a formula one Ferrari  in the fuel area.

The Shell fuel station at junction 11 of the M20 was holding a promotional day, with the 2006 Ferrari, in 2008 colours in the garage.  It certainly turns heads.

I don’t think we have ever had a formula one car seeking parking at the airport, but if they ever do, i’d probably offer it for free.