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Compare airport parking rates before booking

August 12, 2009

Its definitely worth it to compare airport parking prices before showing up to the airport. Most parking sites have higher fees if you just show up.

By using a comparison site, you are able to view all the offerings from all the major companies, however many of these will try to sell the parking which will earn them the best revenue.

Compare airport parking compares 8 different companies and allows you, the customer, a chance to view the offers either by price, rating , alphabetically, you name it. At Compare, the customer is the most important issue for our site.

Why not take a look at the airport of your choice and see for yourself the prices and variety of parking options.

Alternatively, when you search for a parking space, why not take a look at how much more it would cost to book a hotel for the night before you travel, sometimes this can be under £10 to upgrade and sometimes even cheaper.

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Compare Manchester Airport Parking

Impressive wedding venue

July 22, 2009

Now I have an absolute love of Concorde.

I’ve often said how much of a shame it is for us to actually go backwards in innovation and technology by retiring her, but I am glad to see at least some of the Concorde’s are being looked after and available to all for a treat.

One of the more accessible Concorde planes is at Manchester airport. This is Concorde G-BOAC.

Here, the airport owners have not only given her a warm safe place to live but also made her easy to view and get into.

The stranger part is that she is actually a registered place to get married. Imagine explaining to your partner that you have booked the wedding venue and they find out it’s in a Concorde!. Well, I would be pleased of course, but I can imagine most people would flip.

Would you be thanked or never forgiven

Would you be thanked or never forgiven

In its time as one of the world’s most famous aircraft, Concorde G-BOAC played host to a succession of monarchs and presidents. Now it can be yours for the most wonderful day of your life – your wedding day.

Available exclusively at Manchester Airport, the flagship of the Concorde fleet is fully licensed for civil wedding ceremonies, enabling us to hold a very limited number of weddings and civil partnership ceremonies on board each year.

How cool is that.

You can read more about the Concorde at Manchester airport here

You can read more about getting married on the Concorde here

I only wish I was single again, I cannot even re-new my vows as that was done last year on a cruise ship.

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Birdstrike on a Thomson 757 at Manchester Airport

June 25, 2008

What can I say, this is an amazing piece of filmwork, plus excellent feed through of air traffic control chat.

The pilots and all staff are so calm and the plane circles and lands. I am afraid of flying but watching the confidence and preparation that the crew show, it makes me feel happier.