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Please help Richard Branson and in turn help the country

August 20, 2012

I have had a passion for railways for years.  It has often upset me that our railways are worse now than they were in the Victorian times.

The British Empire stretched accross the globe and we introduced railways to India and the subcontinent, and now these railways are better than our own.

There was one exception to the rule.  Virgin railways, Richard Branson took an under performing line, and transformed it into an efficient and well loved line.  New Pendalino trains, very friendly staff, what more could you ask, “a faster line” well that falls to railtrack and the Government, but things were improving.

Unfortunately the days of moving forward have stopped, with the Government opting to reward a large company with a patchy success in other parts the franchise for this line.  Even though all the hard work was done by Richard Branson’s Virgin Trains.

The Government’s actions can be likened to that of choosing G4S for the Olympic Games security (remember the failiure to provide staff) or indeed the Governments failiure to protect Concorde.  The worlds only supersonic aircraft, now languishing in museums when there was still life in the plane, and could have been used for research to assist in the next generation of air travel, again by Richard Branson and Virgin planes.

Does the Government have issues with our true home grown millionaire entrepreneur, it certainly seems like it.

Stand up and be counted against this bad choice.

Richard Branson should not have lost the tender to some short term, quick gain decision that will muck us up in the future like choosing G4S for the Olympics as they offered more money

Please sign the Government petition against the decision.