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Ahhh, what a nice description of my lovely old cruise ship

April 27, 2009

Visit this website, called cruise cyprus and hear how the locals are describing the age old beauty that is S/S The Emerald.

For years this was the most popular of the TUI ships and many passengers are not booking with TUI after their thoughts and feelings were ignored, when it was annouced that the Emerald would be dropped from the TUI charter list, even though she had two years left sailing before the SOLAS laws either stopped her sailing or forced Louis Cruise lines to refurbish her.

At the end of the day, its nice to see the old girl appreciated


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S/S The Emerald – the website is changing

February 9, 2009

Hello all SS The Emerld Lovers

I’ve been monitoring the Louis Cruise website, and can now confirm that the ship details have been changed to remove TUI from the charter list and the ship is now down as doign Louis mini cruises from Cyprus.

Still waiting for the cruise itinery to be finalised, but it can’t be too long.

Andy Skinner

S/S The Emerald

January 29, 2009

Now heres a bit of news I know alot of people were waiting on.

The S/S Emerald, formerly charted by Tui cruises from Louis Cruise Lines, is soon to be back on the cruising market.

Louis Cruise Lines confirmed that the ship will be sailing from Cyprus for mini cruises.

There is no information on their website so far.

This is good news for the thousands of passengers who travelled with this ship under the Tui colours for 10 years and formed a close association with the graceful lady of the seas.  Enjoying her small but comfortable lounges and fantastic sailing conditions.

Of course, the future may not be bright for the last sailing ‘American built’ cruise ship.  Tui dropped her charter before the 2010 intorduction of the new SOLAS regulations, where ships like the S/S Emerald, will not be allowed to sail.  Dependent on the popularity of the S/S Emarld sailing under Louis Cruise Lines own cruises, will we find out if the company will invest in an upgrade.

This is not completely out the question.  In 1987 the ship was refitted to include extra decks, which guaranteed her extended life for another 13 years.

The Emerald is now 50 Years old , only time will tell if she is allowed to make 53.

On behalf of the passengers and fans of the S/S Emerald, our hopes go on that she will be successfull in her new life sailing for Louis Cruise Lines direct.

Andy Skinner

The Emerald Cruise Ship

April 23, 2008

I am feeling a little better now.  I can almost forgive TUI (Thomsons) for their removal of the Emerald Cruise ship.

It still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  However, I have to look back at the good times I have had on board this beautiful old lady of the seas.

There is also the possibility of following her around where ever she may be.  Lois Cruise lines may use her on the 3 day Egypt trips from Cyprus, you never know.  I am sure enough of her fans will keep an eye on her.

I will be saying my own goodbye to her in October, where, who knows, some memento or two may be obtained.  As the last 2 week cruise has now been re-named as the farewell cruise, it may be nice to see some of the former captains, one especially comes to mind.  Markellos Costrossus (spelt wrong).  He was the proper image of a cruise captain, big build and jolly, but with a firm hand when needed.  Always made me think of James Roberton Justice from the carry on films but without the beard and Greek.