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Book a Hotel Room with Free Airport Parking

August 12, 2009

Did you know that many Heathrow Airport Hotel deals include airport parking?

You could be tucked up in bed all warm

You could be tucked up in bed all warm

What this means is that, for the price of your hotel room, you get to leave your car in a Heathrow airport car park for the duration of your trip abroad. This can save you lots of money in Heathrow parking charges. And you can find that the cost of your Heathrow hotel room, with airport parking included, can be less than the airport parking charges would have been.

So, if you are flying from Heathrow, or any other UK airport for that matter, why not look out for hotel room deals that include airport car parking. To relax and rest before your flight, you get to stay in a nice, comfortable hotel room for the night before your flight and your car parking space doesn’t cost you any extra. This is especially good for those early morning flights.

Using our unique search engine, Compare airport parking allows you to search for the cheapest car parking at Heathrow. However, not only does Compare present you with the cheapest parking, but below this you will see what the cheapest hotel at Heathrow will cost. Sometimes the upgrade cost to a hotel with parking (rather than the parking choice you were looking at) will be less than £10. On other occasions this can actually cost the same or even less.

Take a look, you will be surprised

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Big hairy spiders

August 12, 2009


The big beastie with teeth

The big beastie with teeth

This monster was running around at work. As a self confessed suffer of arachnophobia, I was petrified when I saw this monster coming at me with his teeth all gnashing ready to eat me. Exaggeration, I know, but as a sufferer of arachnophobia this is really whats running through my mind.

Also take a look at the beast, being displayed by my wife (who was good enough to catch it and place it outside a long way outside, it certainly does look angry.

Although at Compare airport parking and Compare airport hotels, we cannot guarantee that there will be no monsters under the bed or running down the curtains, we hope our selection of parking with hotels meet with your approval and standards.

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Naomi Campbell Banned From British Airways Flights

April 8, 2008

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I posted earlier this week that she had been in trouble at terminal 5.

Still, once again, hats off to BA and BAA.  It does not matter who is abusive or causing trouble, everyone should be treated equally.


Heathrow Terminal 5 – baggage problems Naomi

April 4, 2008

Naomi Campbell was apparently removed from a BA plane at Heathrow Terminal 5 after she apparently reacted badly to the news that some of her baggage had been lost.

A BAA spokeswoman at Heathrow Airport said: “Police today boarded a British Airways plane and removed a passenger.”

Apparently, out of the two bags she checked in, one went missing.

Now, there’s a few points to look at here.

1)    It goes to show that the troubles faced at Terminal 5 are just as bad for famous people as they are for us mortals.
2)    It  shows  good spirit that the normal passengers, although upset have not reacted in most cases to violence.
3)    Even with the baggage problems, BAA are ensuring safety of passengers and staff is paramount.

Now, I’ve been critical of the way the Terminal 5 has been handled, but I have to admit, that even though the incident was caused by lost luggage, it still shows that BAA are also heavily committed to standards.  No matter who causes or commits any act against staff, police or property at an airport need to be removed.  Such is the case here, no matter who they are.

So from me, well done BA & BAA.

Read the BBC coverage here.

Terminal 5 ready for full flights – are we ready for more fun

April 3, 2008

BAA and BA claim that Heathrow Terminal 5 will be ready to handle all flights and baggage from Saturday.

Well, after previous events, I think the whole world will be watching.

In my own honest opinion, if it goes wrong again, the government must step in, to what has become a national humiliation.

April fools day

April 1, 2008

Well, April fools day has passed once again to the normal online fun.

There were stories about the space station running on an old version of windows and being un-supported.

There were also stories about the French president being stretched to match his wife.

Did you fall for any of them, let me know, it could cheer me up.  Just leave a comment below.  Perhaps we can all have a laugh.
I tried my April fool gag,  but no-one found it funny.  Mind you it was regarding luggage at Heathrow Terminal 5 so I cannot blame people for not laughing.

It just means that I have a year to try and think of something funny.

Heathrow Terminal 5 – baggage problems solved.

April 1, 2008


April fool

as if it would be sorted overnight.  Apparently some bags are being sorted in Milan as there is no room in Terminal 5.
Did that make you laugh?  Well, look at the parking prices on Compare Airport Parking.  Hopefully you will laugh at how much money you can save

Its Saturday, so its hair and stew time

March 29, 2008

It’s Saturday, so no work on airport parking for me today. I must admit, I am still watching the ongoing saga at Heathrow Terminal 5. It would appear there’s still 15,000 bags waiting to be passed on. Mmm I don’t savour that task.!!

Anyhow, more about me. It was time to trim the old hair today. My favourite hair stylist was not available so I had someone else, and to be honest, it was nice, with a different face and a different topic of conversation. Funny enough, the conversation went on to childrens TV. This is one of my favourite subjects. I don’t have kids (only a godson and he’s growing up fast) but I still like to chill out and watch some strange kids programs.

I think I will have to post some memories on here, see if it prompts any memories from you, or if you have any comments.

Anyhow, my wife is not feeling so well, so it was time to prepare a batch of my nourishing farmhouse stew. I love making this, but I always take hours doing it, as I insist on ensuring all the vegetables break down almost to a mush to let the juices all mingle. Best served with mash, but I’ve stuck it in a baked potato before!!

The only problem was I did not have time to go to the butchers, so I thought I could use Tesco’s to save time and get everything in one place. Big mistake, Tesco’s in Ashford Kent, had delivery failures, so the fresh meat counter looked like Old Mother Hubbards cupboard. No good irish beef, no good english beef. There was some scottish beef but this was so expensive, I thoought I would skip it. Lucky for me I found a nice pre packaged couple of steaks, which are good for cutting up.

So now, after cutting two bags of carrots, two bags of parsnips, three sweedes and ten large leeks, the result is 4 large pots slowly bubbling away with a nice organic smell. I thought I would pop onto Internet land and have a little look, before starting on the meat and onions. The old chest freezer won’t know whats hit it tonight.

Its not at Heathrow, so where is the little Concorde from outside?

March 28, 2008

Have you ever considered what happened to the little 40% scale model of Concorde that used to sit outside Heathrow.

Now that there is a lot of attention at Heathrow, many people will start thinking, where is the Concorde.

Well, rest assured that it was not scrapped.  In another top management decision, BA decided that it was something from the past, and not symbolic of their companys current development.  (Rather ironic that the new terminal 5 building has  a Concorde Lounge and Bar!!).

The other reason behind this was the cost of the plot of land, although small, was well over a £1,000,000 to hire as advertising space.

However, the Concorde model is safe, she has an excellent home at the Brooklands Museum, along with a  full sized one.  Visit the site here.

If you are interested in the full sized concorde, take a look at what’s been happening to her.

Heathrow Airport Parking

March 28, 2008

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