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I dreamed a dream and not of the SS the Emerald

October 21, 2009

Well, this is something new.

The other night I was dreaming I was on a cruise, but strangely enough it was not about my old favourite ship SS The Emerald.

This was a new dream, it involved lots of mirrors and shiny corridors, gleaming open public spaces, and a little gaudy furniture. What was this new dream. Well, I think it might have been triggered by a couple of things.

Firstly, I am really suffering from not cruising this year. I’m missing all my friends and the comfort and safety of my cabin.

Secondly, I’ve been reading a lot recently regarding the new Thomson ship, The Thomson Dream, formerly the Costa Europa.

Now unfortunately, the Costa ships, to my mind, are not really my cup of tea, as they are quite Italian in style with lots of shiny metal and mirrors, rather than my preferred wood and brass. However, I am sure when Louis Cruise Lines takes the ship on, a few changes will be made, and with Thomson committing to a long term charter, the style of board will probably be “Linda barker’d” if you get my drift.

Another interesting part is where the new ship will be sailing. I’ve read reports that it will be calling in Cuba and some south American countries which sound exciting.

So all in all, I think all this information has entered my mind and is basically being pumped out in the form of dreams. This will undoubtedly force me to save for a cruise next year. LOL

I’m keeping an eye on the prices.!


Only 6 weeks to go – SS Emerald here I come

September 8, 2008

With mixed feelings I am both exited and upset that it is 6 weeks to go till my cruise on the Emerald.

The sad feelings are based on the fact. that in 8 weeks time, the ship will pass back to Lois Cruise Lines and no longer be available for my yearly or twice yearly holiday.

The good feelings are that I will see all my friends again, enjoy 2 weeks sailing on the friendliest ship on the Eastern Mediterranean.

I am also taking the opportunity to renew my wedding vows, as we honeymooned on the Emerald, I was going to wait until our 10th anniversary to do this, but as the ship will be gone i’ve had to push the plans up a year.


The Emerald Cruise Ship – Last voyage

July 14, 2008

Following my upset with Thomson, I went into the shop at the weekend to discuss my unhappiness.

No joy whatsoever. Talk about changing the subject.

However, I am all paid up now, and the annoyance at their spoiling my wifes surprise blessing is negated by the fact that I am on the last cruise of the Emerald. I am able to say goodbye to the lovely ship.

A few people have asked if I know if this is definitely the last cruise. Well, as far as I am aware, this is really the end of Thomson’s relationship with this glorious ship.

However, I will be keeping an eye on matters as The Emerald will be returned to Luis Cruise Lines, who actually own the ship may possibly be running the ship under their own name. I will update when I know.

In the meantime, take a look at a couple of shots from last year. One in Istanbul and the other is my life jacket, which i’ve had for the last 10 years of traveling.

Worn once or twice a cruise for the last 10 years

Worn once or twice a cruise for the last 10 years


The Thomson Emerald

July 10, 2008

I am not a happy bunny today.

My ongoing problems with Thomson continue.  My local branch seem unable to calculate my bill.

In the last month I have had the following problems:-

Cancellation of two people, extra money added to my bill rather than removed
Deposit added as a charge rather than a payment
Incorrectly informing a member of the party of missing funds when that was not the case

and the classic but most annoying

sending the paperwork for my surprise of a blessing at sea on the last ever cruise on the Emerald to my wife, who has now had the surprise spoiled, when I was promised by the staff it would be held in the office.

Upset, I am very upset that the surprise that I had planned for over a year has been spoiled.  No doubt I will be speaking to them today and probably going into the local office on Saturday.

Still, nothing would stop me going on the last ever Thomson cruise on the Emerald.  And even though my wife knows about the surprise on ship blessing.

Andy (rather upset)

The Thomson Emerald

June 25, 2008

It’s not long now.  The jewel of the Med, the Thomson Emerald will finally leave the Thomson fleet.

As you can probably tell, I am still annoyed about this.

I am definately on the last two weeks of it’s cruise life.  I am even happier that my Greek friend has returned to the ship for the last year, after a short period of time on the Calypso, so I will enjoy myself even more.

If anyone knows what Lois Cruise Lines plan to do with her after Thomson’s charter finishes, I would love to know.

Also, if anyone else is travelling on the 17th October for two weeks, let me know.  Also, if you want cheap car parking at the airport, you can always come to me to book some.


My favourite Cruise Ship – SS The Emerald

April 23, 2008

The last of the original gems of Thomson cruise fleet is finally going at the end of this year.

Many people will remember the early days when Thomson really got into the cruise business.

The Topaz
The Sapphire
The Emerald

These were to name only three. I do wonder sometimes, back when I started cruising, we picked Thomson for the smaller sized ships and friendly staff. They had five ships and terrific routes.

Roll forward to the end of 2008 and what will Thomson have? Four ships, less interesting itineraries, some of which (like the Caribbean) are also exact copies of the old 1999 brochure for the Emerald. Also the ships are now flat bottomed large monsters and not so appealing to the classic cruisers.

Well, theres nothing we can do about change, if that’s how Thomson think we feel, the best way we can show them it is not, is by going elsewhere.  I will be looking at Fred Olsen and Lois Cruises myself.

Anyhow, heres a picture of the Emerald, as she was moored in Istanbul in 2007, having just sailed the Black Sea.

The Emerald Cruise Ship


Goodbye to the Emerald cruise ship

April 21, 2008

Well, i’ve finished sulking but Thomson have not heard the last from me.

It looks like my holidays will evolve around my little house in France from now on.  And potentially the odd cruise from any of the companies that like older ships and value their customers opinions.  That’s unless some sensible company buy the Emerald and run her for a couple of years before undertaking a small refit in 2010 to meet the new requirements.

I am sure I could find the new company plenty of busines.  lol


I am still upset and almost grieving

April 18, 2008

Sorry, there may not be much from me today

The news from TUI has actually really upset me. I really don’t feel like using them for my cruising needs after this.  I have decided to upload a photo from last years cruise.  In the foreground you will see the Calypso, behind her the Emerald.

The Calypso with the great old lady \"The Emerald\" behind her

I don’t feel that its worth trusting a company and getting comfortable with a set ship if they are just going to whip her out of service.  How long will the Calypso survive.  Should I switch companies, we shall see.

Very upset and annoyed

April 17, 2008

Thomson (TUI really) have annouced that they are dropping the very popular cruise ship the Emerald.

Having been fortunate to cruise on this elegant lady (and the last american built cruise ship afloat) I find this quite upsetting.

Additionally, the handling of it, for all the repeat passengers who have travelled every year, sometimes more than that, it’s quite a blow.

As it happens, I had already booked the very last cruise, just in case, as I believed they would not annouce it until after the prices go up after the  winter, to get as much profit as possible.Whats more upsetting is that there is no farewell cruise, as has been done with the Topaz, another small and friendly ship.

It will be interesting to see if there is a customer backlash.