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What shall I do now the Thomson Emerald has stopped sailing?

July 21, 2009

As many of my posts before have stated, I was devastated to find that Thomson Cruise had decided to stop chartering the lovely cruise ship, SS The Emerald.

Since the last cruise, which I was glad to be part of, I have been wondering what to do, should I continue to use Thomson Cruise, who indeed did offer a wonderful cruise experience, but had upset me with the removal of the Emerald from the fleet, or should I look elsewhere.

With questions such as these, I decided not to cruise this year but to spend some time in France and contemplate. however, the contemplation has gone, Thomson Cruise have announced that they will be chartering a new ship for a ten year period and naming her the Thomson Dream. At 1,700 passengers she is a little big for me, but hopefully the Thomson managed setup should help me get over this, and who knows, maybe she will become my newly adopted ship.

We shall watch this space.

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